The idea of this blog is to post the things that I enjoy learning in my free time.

For this first post I would like to tell you a little bit about my hobbies:


I discover the world of letters a few months ago…well…on December 2015 I started but is the latest thing that I’m learning and enjoying


I guess that, nowadays, that almost everyone has a camera on his hand, at any time, photography is a very common hobby. I like to take photos of places which I visit to remember good moments.


It all started as a joke on a friend’s birthday. Nowadays, whenever I have the opportunity to collaborate in a video I say: yes! Without thinking it twice.

Ah! By the way, I really love dancing!!

So, around this topics will be the main content of this blog. The general idea is to show how I started and the progress I’m doing, opinion about these topics, examples or where I search for learning, depending on the topic the content of each post will vary.

And finally, just say that to keep this blog update I’ll be posting (at least) the last Saturday of each month.