What type of content I’m going to share related with lettering?

Well, as I’m learning calligraphy and discovering the world of lettering, I’ll share some of the practices that I’m doing and I would like to show you some simple illustrations that I started to do, a few weeks ago, in order to learn how to use watercolors. Apart from sharing my little projects, in each post, I’ll also add references to the tutorials, other blogs,etc. that I found and I use to learn.

And why lettering??

I’m not sure how all started, but as I’m not good at drawing when I needed to disconnect for a while I used to write phrases or song lyrics with simple “illustrations”.

One day I started to be curious about letters, especially about typography. I decided to look for interesting typography books to read about this topic, but after founding a lot of books and seeing that the main content of them were “pictures” of different fonts and letters I thought that maybe the best thing to do was to start learning calligraphy.

Ah! At this point, I understand the difference between Calligraphy/Lettering/Typography !

Suddenly, on a trip, I found this book:


It really helps me to understand the origin of letters, that every part of a letter has a name and the different basic type of letters, etc. Before I began to practice with this book, I found another one:




This explains more or less the same, but, as you can see, it comes with a kit of nib pens and it was challenging because it was the first time I used them. So, I started to repeat letters (as the book recommended).


I remember that this was my x-mas present, so I was inspired and decided to try to create a calendar for the year 2016. And this was my first calligraphy project!