Why photography?

I started taking pictures when my father bought a digital camera. Since then, when I was bored I pick the camera and started taking pictures of everything: my teddy bears, my pencils, places, …

Now I have my own camera, a Canon 600D with a 18-55mm lens. I don’t spend much time taking photos as I would like so for now with this camera it’s enough for me.

I take pictures especially when I visit new places, to remember where I was.


Roses (Girona-Spain) / Hyde Park (London) / Santander (Spain)

Type of content related with photography?

As I said, usually, I take pictures of places where I’ve been. So, in this blog, I would like to share not only my photos also my opinion about this places, what I found interesting, curious or what it’s worth a visit!

Hyde Park (London) / Zarautz (Guipúzcoa - Spain) / San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa - Spain)

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