As I said in the “Welcome” post, there are three main topics I would like to share here: lettering, photography and video. So, the last thing I have to introduce is video.

When I was at school, we started making videos with my friends, just for fun, but I discover a new hobby: filming and editing videos!

Thanks to my studies, I’ve learnt a little more about editing, filming, visual effects and so on. Unfortunetaly, I don’t spent much time creating  videos, but I love watching films and, mainly, dance videos on youtube.

That’s why in this blog I would like to share my favorite dance videos, and also keep these posts for myself, to remember this kind of videos which not only are choreographies, to my mind, they are another form of art. Through light, music, movement and a storytelling these videos evoque different kind of emotions.

These days everybody is talking about the film “La La Land” (which I hope I can see it soon) and I’m really happy that the assistant choreographer is Jillian Meyers. I’m a fan of this woman. Since I watched what type of content she creates I understand that movement is another kind of language.

So I want to start with my favorite Jillian’s video:

Simplicity. The way  she makes it seem so easy to create this, really love that.

I strongly recommend to check all of her creations and also her choreographies, she is an incredible artist.