· someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something
· a sudden good idea
[…] – Cambridge Dictionary

New blog structure

I got a new book and felt that I need to post about that… So when I was decided to publish a new post I realised that it was about another artist. That makes me think about how this blog has evolved.

I started it with the idea of posting the things I enjoy doing in my free time ( Welcome!  ). After a while I have a lot of ideas about things that inspire me: events, artists, books… So I decided to create another category (Inspiration: Introduction) and talk about random stuff that I love (I’ve changed my mind…y en castellano).

It’s been a while since I felt that art is more important in my daily life. So it’s the reason that makes me think about how can I continue with this blog. After thinking it (a lot….ok, not really…) I decided that the new blog title is INSPIRATION. For me, the definition of this word fits exactly with the things that I post:

  • I’ll continue talking about my hobbies (photography, video, lettering, random stuff, … ). Those activities that I do when I had an inspiration.
  • I’ll post about artists, books, events,… The things/people that make me take a moment to think about life, about me, about others, …. To feel.