The last weeks I’ve been playing with Arduino and trying to make a “Music” box. Basically, a box that makes some noise…

I first though about the interface: I imagine a small box that I can move around the space generating different kind of sounds. So I started by connecting a couple of LDR sensors and sending this data to Processing. Then I played with the different examples of Minim library (sound library for Processing).

First approach

A part from using the sensor data to make different sounds I also wanted to create some visuals with the same information.

I finally create a more robust prototype where I have this acrylic box with four LDR sensors. In Processing, I use the minim library to generate an audio wave. With one sensor I can select different music notes, the second sensor changes the wave’s shape and with the other two I control different parameters of a delay effect.

Acrylic box with LDR sensors (front)
Acrylic box with LDR sensors (back)

I want to improve the sounds and also dedicate more time with the visual part which I want to make it more reactive to the sounds. In this version, the visuals are changed when the sensor data changed but I want to make it a bit less random. Here are some videos with the result so far:

In this video I’m also using Resolume to change the coluor of the visuals generated in Processing.

Next steps will be improving the visuals and the sounds creation and I’m also thinking about other figures where I can project the visuals instead of a flat screen/wall.

Here’s the repository with the code (both Arduino & Processing sketches):